🏈 Keto Football Snacks 🏈 With Real Good Foods Mini-Pizzas & Poppers (Plus, Our Keto Sliders Recipe)

We’re creating some mouth-watering keto football snacks with Real Good Foods Mini-Pizzas & Poppers!

In this video, you’ll discover how to make:
🏈Keto Bacon Wrapped Poppers
🏈Keto Sliders using Real Good Foods Mini-Pizzas as the bun

Find the Real Good Foods Mini Pizza’s only at @Walmart!
Explore the variety of Real Good Foods Popper Flavors on their website (and look for which stores in your area may carry them. Walmart in our area had the pepperoni poppers:

https://www.wholebodyliving.com/realgoodfoods πŸ•
πŸ’² Save 15% off Real Good Foods Coupon Code TARAKETO πŸ’²

These protein packed recipes are sure to leave both your tastebuds and body satisfied and full of energy to cheer on your favorite football team. Plus, your friends, family, and kids are sure to love them. With four teens in the house (not all football fans…but all of them food fans), our spread lasted about 15 minutes!

With these Real Good Foods Mini-Pizzas, Poppers, and the sliders appetizers in hand…your taste buds will be yelling T-O-U-C-H-D-O-W-N!!!! #TarasKetoKitchen #WholeBodyLiving

COMMENT below: Are you crispy bacon or floppy bacon eaters? Have YOU tried Real Food Pizzas or Poppers?

For MORE Keto Football Appetizers go here: https://www.wholebodyliving.com/keto-football-appetizers/

https://www.wholebodyliving.com/realgoodfoods πŸ•
Save 15% off Real Good Foods Coupon Code TARAKETO

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