What Happens If You Stop Eating Sugar for 30 Days? (Watch This!)

What happens if you give up sugar for 30 days? And how to find the REAL amount of sugar in a product that is hidden on nutrition labels! Benefits of going sugar free, risks of too much sugar and much more!



0:00 Welcome!
0:50 Are you Addicted to sugar?
1:22 Sugar Contains Empty Calories
2:00 Tsp to Gram Conversion
2:24 How to find the REAL amount of grams of sugar in a product (not included on label)
3:17 Bagel vs. Doughnut Sugar Quantity & Reading Labels
4:59 Risks of consuming too much sugar
5:42 How to Reverse the Harm of Sugar
5:50 Benefits of Quitting Sugar
6:19 What happens when you quit sugar for 30 Days?
8:17 How to Quit Sugar
11:00 Making Keto Friendly Swaps
11:58 Sugar Sweetener Alternatives
12:31 My Favorite Supplements for Quitting Sugar
14:07 Where to begin if you are starting keto
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